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  • Jiawen Wang

    Jiawen Wang

    UX & Psychology

  • Rahi Dehzani

    Rahi Dehzani

  • Rob Mulder

    Rob Mulder

  • Heather Schöll

    Heather Schöll

    Creative leader, future thinker, and content curator living at the intersection of art, design, and technology.

  • Rebeca Sarai G. G.

    Rebeca Sarai G. G.

    Programmer, specializing in AI👩🏻‍💻 Tech and innovation enthusiast 🇻🇪. You can learn Image processing with me: http://tiny.cc/Learn-Image-Processing

  • Kolja Pitz

    Kolja Pitz

    Hi. I’m a multidisciplinary digital strategist and experience designer, working on the intersection of TECH, FUTURE, and DESIGN. Based in Bonn, working remotely

  • Pindar Van Arman

    Pindar Van Arman

  • MeHdi KaZemI

    MeHdi KaZemI

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